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Absence due to FILMSHIZ (aka look at MAH SHIT)

Yup, I haven’t been about for a few weeks but I done the following(expect me back as of now):

I went to Vegas.

Zoltar gave me my fortune. Unfortunately I didn’t get BIG (although being an adult should it work in reverse?). I also didn’t get to jump about playing chopsticks on a giant piano (boo).

20140605_161833 20140605_163745

I did get to dress up all late 60s chick and have my birthday dinner with my friends in The Peppermill where they’ve filmed scenes in countless films including Casino.

IMG_20140609_203742 20140609_220906BHoF

I bought a rouge squad hoodie too, but haven’t had the chance to photo it yet. It’s super amazing though.

I got back from Vegas.

And a workmate bought me this Princess Leia mug (which is not my new FAV mug).

I bought myself these AWESOME stromtrooper star wars Vans.

I went to see one of my fav Directors EVER – Kevin Smith and Jay Mewes do their Jay and Silent Bob Get Old podcast and watch the Super Groovy Cartoon Movie.

Smith said she really inspiring shit and it’s made me even more than ever want to just try things because someone has to do everything, right. No holding back.

Oh and I bought these ridiculously awesome comfy pants.


Normal service will resume as of next week.