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Absence due to FILMSHIZ (aka look at MAH SHIT)

Yup, I haven’t been about for a few weeks but I done the following(expect me back as of now):

I went to Vegas.

Zoltar gave me my fortune. Unfortunately I didn’t get BIG (although being an adult should it work in reverse?). I also didn’t get to jump about playing chopsticks on a giant piano (boo).

20140605_161833 20140605_163745

I did get to dress up all late 60s chick and have my birthday dinner with my friends in The Peppermill where they’ve filmed scenes in countless films including Casino.

IMG_20140609_203742 20140609_220906BHoF

I bought a rouge squad hoodie too, but haven’t had the chance to photo it yet. It’s super amazing though.

I got back from Vegas.

And a workmate bought me this Princess Leia mug (which is not my new FAV mug).

I bought myself these AWESOME stromtrooper star wars Vans.

I went to see one of my fav Directors EVER – Kevin Smith and Jay Mewes do their Jay and Silent Bob Get Old podcast and watch the Super Groovy Cartoon Movie.

Smith said she really inspiring shit and it’s made me even more than ever want to just try things because someone has to do everything, right. No holding back.

Oh and I bought these ridiculously awesome comfy pants.


Normal service will resume as of next week.

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May 4th: Star Wars Day fun for FREE!

Yup, nearly STAR WARS DAY (aka my folks silver wedding anniversary!) and for a little celebration I bring you things you can do for free rather than the usual “here’s where you find cool shit you have to pay for” post.

I am a huge fan of Mollie from Wilde Olive and her super cute artwork with faces. She’s also a big Star Wars fan and she’s put together a few SW based projects that you can do at home for free (because she’s amazing like that).

So here are the two currently released – go to her blog for some free stuff to do this year on Star Wars Day.

 A few free motifs for your crafting pleasure: 



and this AMAZING Wampa with a removable arm!



Aren’t they fantastic! Wishing you all a fantastic STAR WARS DAY, may the 4th be with you 😉

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The Muppets Most Wanted

Have I ever said how much I love the Muppets? I was pretty obsessed with Fozzie when I was a kid. My first ever watch was a Fozzie bear one which had tomatoes on the strap and Fozzie on the front. I thought (and still do to some extent) that he was the best comedian I had ever seen. How can you not love a bear with a pork pie hat and fart shoes?

Looking for muppet merch? Why not try some of this?

As a nail obsessive I love OPIs new set they’ve brought out with the new film. You can get this four mini polish set for a very reasonable price at Nail Polish Direct.

This awesome Kermit the frog cameo ring is available from yshtainberg on Etsy

This Piiiiiiigs In Sppppppaaaaaace! Thermos from kerrilendo on Etsy

The RetroInc on Etsy have this fabulous minimalist Sam the Eagle print (and many others which are also amazing)

And last and in no means least this fantastic Faces of Kermit poster from JoeKayse on Etsy

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Captain America: The Winter Solider

Have to say, the first Cap film did not blow me away. I can’t even remember much of it now that I’m thinking about it BUT with the addition of the Black Widow and the juxtaposition of their views on what the greater good is, The Winter Soldier really looks promising and more to the point interesting to those of us who aren’t all AMERICA! FUCK YEAH!

So on that note I went looking for some non official merch and these are the good things I found.

Vintage Style Captain America Cross Stitch? Yes please!  (Uniquelyeunice at Etsy)

 Pretty awesome handpainted converse from Rahul Mistry at Etsy

This mini skirt from Sweetcheekstitches at Esty is pretty

Want to add some finishing touches to home made projects with some ribbon? The grosgrain from St Tiger at Etsy would be perfect 

My personal favourite this brooch from Visiting Cinderella at Etsy 

And just in case you really, really want your cat to have that Steve Rogers touch, then this little collar tab might be for you, from Happy Pet Tag at Etsy

Enjoy the film folks, I’ll be waiting for it’s release on DVD rather than going to the flicks after the disappointment last time round. Let me know what you think!

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The Lego Movie

The lego movie is due for release this Friday and by all accounts it looks like a corker. Straight onto the Lovefilm list then.

I still love Lego, I don’t really think it’s something you grow out of (or is that just me?) I have a  Lego AT-AT which I bought a few years ago when I got some back pay from work. Pay off some of my debts…no….buy a Lego AT-AT? YES!

Want some funky Lego merch? I found these five little gems around the net:

First up, obviously this amazing BTTF Delorian, with Doc, Marty and Hoverboard

Lego silicone mould at The Roman Bazaar – make choccies, soap, ice cubes

A multi-colour Lego clutch at agabag

Loki Flash USB drive from NandoKommando

Star Wars Lego Kids Art from Star Wars Print Shop

Obviously there is so much more out there, I could go on for hours!

Anyone else love Lego? Are you buying it for your kids but really for yourself? I don’t even have that excuse!

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A Little Robocoppery

Robocop (2014) will be upon us tomorrow.

I have to say, I’m not a big fan of the original, I managed to somehow miss out on it – a major film landmark if you were born in the 80s – and I only watched it around seven years ago after my husband saw it as something he needed to put right when he realised what a travesty had occurred in my film watching history.

I watched it and I wasn’t that arsed. I really think if I’d have watched it when I was younger I would have liked it much more but watching it in my late 20s I wasn’t bowled over. As my husband says, there’s no accounting for taste.

I have reasonable hopes for the new one and I wonder if I’m the best person for it from an audience perspective as I don’t have the years of watching it over and over on VHS. I actually can’t remember a lot of it at all.

I think Joel Kinnaman is a fantastic actor and I loved him in the Killing so that’s a good start.

I did go and have a look-see about the net to see what was out there in terms of merch and on that note, if you’re looking for a little Robocoppery of your very own I’ve located some fantastic roboproduce.

First up these awesome heels from Deko Fab

How’s about a miniature arcade game for your desk? This pretty nifty piece is from Arcade Boutique

Omni Consumer Products Mug? Sumotees

This fantastic ED-209 Service and Repair Manual design can be applied to a whole host of goods, thanks to Adho1982 via Redbubble

So there we are: Robocop (2014) is on my Lovefilm list in advance, waiting to be released and will be winging its way to me as soon as it is.

I’d love to hear peoples thoughts on it, so let me know what you think.