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May 4th: Star Wars Day fun for FREE!

Yup, nearly STAR WARS DAY (aka my folks silver wedding anniversary!) and for a little celebration I bring you things you can do for free rather than the usual “here’s where you find cool shit you have to pay for” post.

I am a huge fan of Mollie from Wilde Olive and her super cute artwork with faces. She’s also a big Star Wars fan and she’s put together a few SW based projects that you can do at home for free (because she’s amazing like that).

So here are the two currently released – go to her blog for some free stuff to do this year on Star Wars Day.

 A few free motifs for your crafting pleasure: 



and this AMAZING Wampa with a removable arm!



Aren’t they fantastic! Wishing you all a fantastic STAR WARS DAY, may the 4th be with you 😉

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The Muppets Most Wanted

Have I ever said how much I love the Muppets? I was pretty obsessed with Fozzie when I was a kid. My first ever watch was a Fozzie bear one which had tomatoes on the strap and Fozzie on the front. I thought (and still do to some extent) that he was the best comedian I had ever seen. How can you not love a bear with a pork pie hat and fart shoes?

Looking for muppet merch? Why not try some of this?

As a nail obsessive I love OPIs new set they’ve brought out with the new film. You can get this four mini polish set for a very reasonable price at Nail Polish Direct.

This awesome Kermit the frog cameo ring is available from yshtainberg on Etsy

This Piiiiiiigs In Sppppppaaaaaace! Thermos from kerrilendo on Etsy

The RetroInc on Etsy have this fabulous minimalist Sam the Eagle print (and many others which are also amazing)

And last and in no means least this fantastic Faces of Kermit poster from JoeKayse on Etsy

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Captain America: The Winter Solider

Have to say, the first Cap film did not blow me away. I can’t even remember much of it now that I’m thinking about it BUT with the addition of the Black Widow and the juxtaposition of their views on what the greater good is, The Winter Soldier really looks promising and more to the point interesting to those of us who aren’t all AMERICA! FUCK YEAH!

So on that note I went looking for some non official merch and these are the good things I found.

Vintage Style Captain America Cross Stitch? Yes please!  (Uniquelyeunice at Etsy)

 Pretty awesome handpainted converse from Rahul Mistry at Etsy

This mini skirt from Sweetcheekstitches at Esty is pretty

Want to add some finishing touches to home made projects with some ribbon? The grosgrain from St Tiger at Etsy would be perfect 

My personal favourite this brooch from Visiting Cinderella at Etsy 

And just in case you really, really want your cat to have that Steve Rogers touch, then this little collar tab might be for you, from Happy Pet Tag at Etsy

Enjoy the film folks, I’ll be waiting for it’s release on DVD rather than going to the flicks after the disappointment last time round. Let me know what you think!

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Remembering The Regal, Northwich

It’s with a sad heart that I write this post. The Regal, Northwich was my cinematic home for the best part of 20 years and now my facebook feed is full of photos of it being ripped apart, it’s innards on display for all to see like a bad slasher flick.

Photo: Northwich Guardian
Photo: Northwich Guardian

I moved to Northwich from Sunderland in the mid 80s. As a child I was completely underwhelmed by the size of it. Moving from one of the biggest town’s in Europe (Sunderland wasn’t made a city until 1992) to a place where you could walk the high street in five minutes as a novelty to the young me but it had its gem. The Regal Cinema, Northwich’s 2 screen 1939 beauty.

I’m not sure of the first time I went to the Regal but I am sure of how it made me feel; having the familiarity of a big screen and a dark space to settle down in gave me a certain amount of comfort as a kid who was in a different part of the country, miles away from friends and family, in a strange town, struggling to fit in with a mackam accent and being the new kid at school.

Photo: Remembering the Regal Cinema Northwich facebook group
Photo: Remembering the Regal Cinema Northwich facebook group

When I think of the Regal now I think about the things I took for granted;  turning up ridiculously early when a new release was on as you knew you’d be queuing round the corner otherwise; sitting on the steps waiting for friends; teenage dates;  teenage smoking (the novelty of smoking in the cinema never grew old for me) of course after having scanned the surrounding seats to make sure no one who knew my folks would be in there; queuing up against the wooden rail  when you got inside (I still have no idea why that rail was there?!);  tickets dispensed out of a slot in the counter of the booth;  always picking the box of fruit gums that were in the shape of mini fruits; being fascinated by the poster montage wall.


Photo: Remembering the Regal Cinema Northwich facebook group
Photos: Remembering the Regal Cinema Northwich facebook group

The films I went to see that stand out for the experience and not just the content; taking my little sister to see The Little Mermaid (1989); my step-ma taking me to see Back to the Future parts 2 (1989) and 3 (1990); being scared out of my wits as a 10 year old when the spider jumped on the lens in Arachnophobia (1990); one Friday night the back five rows of the cinema being filled with folk from my year at high school watching Dangerous Minds (1995); the place being packed out the opening weekend of Titanic being released (1997); watching the Matrix on my 19th birthday (1999).

And last and no means least: the re-releases of the Star Wars films in 1997 were of special remembrance to me, it was the first time I saw them on the big screen having previously relied with tapes worn thin that I’d recorded off the telly when I was a kid. Turning up and seeing Karl Woods (my generation’s Regal Manager) in full Jedi costume, with an R2D2 model in the foyer was brilliant and something I’ll always remember!

I moved to Manchester in early 2003 and subsequently never returned to the Regal, I wasn’t aware of its closure until after it has happened in 2007 and was saddened when I did. On the few occasions I’ve been back through the town centre since its closure I’ve driven past to have a look and have been comforted to see it still standing. I was back there yesterday and saw the rubble, twisted metal and the vast expanse of ground once filled with corrugated cream painted iron.

Photo: Remembering the Regal Cinema Northwich facebook group
Photo: Remembering the Regal Cinema Northwich facebook group

Goodbye old friend, you’ll be missed.

With thanks to: Remembering the Regal Cinema Northwich If you have any memories you’d like to share or if you want to know more please like the facebook page.


Support your local cinema. The reason for the closure of the Regal was due to needed upgrades to compete with the out of town multiplexes and not enough money coming in.

I visited my husband’s old local cinema The Odeon in Weston Super Mare over summer and he felt much the same about that beauty as I do about The Regal. We were sad to hear there are plans to build a new multiplex in Weston on the sea front meaning without a doubt The Odeon will close in time.

Both of these cinemas have left us with fond memories of times past as well as many like us, but unfortunately this is happening all over the country and has been for many years (google: Odeon Manchester and Chester for example).

Don’t leave it too late, it’s all well and good moaning after it’s happened but if you can do something to support or fundraise for a local independent cinema in need do it before it’s too late!