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Embroidery: Game of Thrones (Lucy Blue Illustration)


I spent a few hours stitching last week and embroidered this rather marvellous design onto a tea towel to send to her supreme hotness, the designer herself, Lucy Hawkins of Lucy Blue Illustration.

I’ve been embroidering since I was around 9 or 10, something my Nana taught me to do and being an everlasting fidget bum who finds it hard to sit and do nothing it’s something I find very relaxing.

When I saw Lucy’s amazing Game of Thrones inspired artwork I immediately saw an embroidery piece in the making and, after asking permission of course, set about tracing with my magic blue marker and got to it. I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s turned out quite nice.




Next up: table cloth for our dining room, I think like it’ll look rather smashing.

For other amazing Lucy Blue design and artwork, or to commission your own piece please visit her here: Lucy Blue (email at link)