10389986_10154439731080305_3626863068938682046_nMy name is Stacey.

I live in Manchester, UK with my husband Timothy.

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If you’d like to email me, please do – I’d love to hear from you!

What’s This All About?

This blog is about my life in Manchester. Mainly film and TV stuff, but also other gubbins. It’s a space where I put the things that don’t fit into my other blogs where I do the sewing  and the burlesque based writing. It’s basically a tip for stuff that I want to write about that doesn’t fit into those categories.

I spent my youth staring up at the big screen, sitting too close to the gogglebox and being continually warned that I’d get square eyes. Coincidentally a few years later I started wearing glasses.

When work cocked up and I got two years back pay, rather than pay off my credit card, I bought a HD camcorder and a Star Wars Lego AT-AT. I think that may go to explaining a bit about me.


I have a full Star Wars sleeve on my left arm that’s based on the Jabba’s Palace scene of Return of the Jedi. It has Chewie, (Leia as) Boushh, 3P0, Han and Leia having a smooch and the words “Someone Who Loves You”.

It’s fucking awesome.

 I have a 9 3/4 on my left wrist. I have a compass pointing to the north east on my right leg just above my ankle and on my right calf I have a shadow portraits of me and Timbo. I have a lightning bolt behind my left ear and a deathly hallows symbol behind my right.

I’d like an Indiana Jones tat on my right thigh but Tim says that’s too much Harrison Ford for one person, apparently it’ll be like that weird Miley Cyrus guy.

All of my tattoos have been lovingly zapped by Matt Cooley of Rain City, who is an excellent chap and tattoo artist. You should check him out, book in and give him your cash.


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